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Andrea C. Stephens

My story with photography

I started having problems with my vision since I was a child. My short-sightedness kept getting worse through puberty. Nowadays, if I don’t wear my glasses, I can barely distinguish where I am, even limits between forms and objects disappear. Alongside, I have a history of denying reality. Seeing a painful situation was so hard for me, that a lot of times I chose closing my eyes.

      I discovered photography as a form of reconnecting with my capacity to see. Through my camera, I have learned that observing and taking things as they come are ways of understanding my surroundings and engaging in a creative affair with life. Photography has been for me an incentive to take the time to feel with all my senses a situation so I can capture a moment that affects me emotionally and share it. It has become so important to me because it has helped me redefine concepts like the “Truth” or “Beauty” and it has led me to be aware of how we are constantly creating the reality we are living in.

CDMX, México.

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